SAP HANA simplifies your IT environment to accelerate your processes and deliver more actionable business intelligence, fast. Rather than just rely on what the tech can do, we’ve designed our own suite of analytics packs that will rapidly make a difference.

Go faster


A major challenge facing many businesses is the speed in which they can access large volumes of data. Forefront’s business intelligence solutions are powered by SAP HANA, an analytics framework that allows you to access all your data sources from a central point. You’ll be able to explore and analyse data on demand, without the time lag, giving you insights faster than ever before.


Go deeper

SAP HANA supports rapid app development to deliver deeper, tailored insights from your big data. Take advantage of best in class development tools to build smart, personalised apps that can be deployed on any device for immediate insights.


Big data, made simple

With SAP HANA, your data can be accessed from a single platform, no matter where it’s sourced or who is accessing it. When your data is more accessible, so are your insights.

Intelligence for everyone

With SAP HANA, data analytics belongs to the everyone, not just a privileged few. Data can be accessed from many sources, empowering your users to have direct access to the insights that matter to them.

See into the future

SAP HANA has powerful predictive analysis abilities and machine learning capabilities. This enables you to predict what’s going to happen, when and, most importantly, why. 

Keeping your data safe

While SAP HANA improves accessibility to data, it’s not at the expense of security. SAP HANA manages data security with robust identity controls, best-in-class security patching and encryption.

Get deeper, faster analytics with SAP HANA

Find out how Forefront Analytics can help you access the true pulse of your business with our specialist SAP HANA services.

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