Business Intelligence & Analytics Consulting


Get ready to dive deep. Forefront Analytics’ Analytics consulting services are outcome based. We will guarantee delivery of your Analytics solutions, irrespective of the cost to us, giving you access to intelligent insights quicker.

See the results, fast

We understand that you need data informed results, and you need them fast. Forefront Analytics’ consulting services are focused on value driven implementation, getting you a faster return on your investment.

Our approach is to embed a team of specialists, to sit on site, with you, allowing for agile, highly responsive support. By we’re working with you, on the ground, providing a fast response and rapid implementation.

BI&A Consulting Services


Data science

Our team of specialists have skills across a number of data science use cases including text mining, forecasting, neural networks, deep learning and machine learning. The end result is a data-driven perspective of your business, with real, actionable insights.

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Cloud based systems have revolutionised businesses' ability to mine their data. Forefront Analytics is an AWS partner and provides big data, machine learning and advance analytics solutions in native AWS services. Meaning fast, accessible insights at your fingertips. 

Project management

While you manage your business, Forefront Analytics can manage the end-to-end implementation of your analytics and intelligence solutions. Our project management approach gives your business the fast results, so you can extract the benefits right away.


SAP HANA is a powerful tool for simplifying access to your data, and then multiplying its power. It is continuously evolving and in order to get maximum value from the investment we have a dedicated SAP HANA practice which constantly has its fingers on the pulse.

BI&A Consulting

Find out how Forefront Analytics can execute your BI&A strategy to connect you to your critical business insights, fast.

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